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DePuy Synthes Loaner Program

Loaner sets are provided non-sterile. Loaner Sets are required to be fully cleaned, inspected and steam sterilized prior to surgical use in accordance with the healthcare facility established policies and procedures, and in accordance with DePuy Synthes instructions for use. Instructions for use are available upon request by contacting your local DePuy Synthes Sales Consultant.
Loaner Program Guidance
This guidance is intended to assist a healthcare facility in developing procedures for the processing of DePuy Synthes Loaners Sets.
This guidance provides information on the following with respect to DePuy Synthes Loaner Sets:
‐  Pre-surgical handling
‐  Pre-surgical processing
‐  Reprocessing after surgical use.
‐  Healthcare Facility responsibilities
Note: The two documents listed are identical in content.

Guidance Documents


Loaner Program Guidance for Legacy DePuy 


Loaner Program Guidance for Legacy Synthes